Our Vision

Dermagold logo #1aReinvention Journey is an online publication by Dermagold, an award-winning, independent and Singaporean skincare brand that offers homegrown solutions to ladies and gentlemen.

Embodying the brand’s philosophy of reinvention, Reinvention Journey encourages readers to embrace their imperfections and improve themselves in ways big and small, inside and out. Our passionate belief in self-love and constant desire for self-improvement is the driving force behind our brand. (Read more about Dermagold’s enriching journey here!)

Reinvention Journey represents the soul of our brand and strives to produce authentic and sincere content that will motivate readers towards success, and inspire both change and positivism. As a proud Singaporean creation, this publication will also celebrate the Singapore spirit, the local cultural scene, and is brimming with solutions that will enrich multiple aspects of our reader’s lives – not simply in the area of beauty but also in personal, reflective growth.

Reinvention Journey seeks to reach out to not only Singaporeans, but people of Southeast Asia and around the world. We hope to draw you into our community, where we look forward constantly and want to be part of the process towards building a better tomorrow. No matter where you are or who you are, we hope to inspire you to reinvent yourself and spur you on to achieve greater heights and successes in life.

Join us on a new chapter of Dermagold’s reinvention journey and never forget that #miraclesdohappen.

Disclaimer (c) Reinvention Journey 2015