A Face I Am Ashamed Of

“STOP PICKING THE PIMPLE OR IT WILL LEAVE A SCAR AFTERWARDS!” I can still vividly recall these words spoken years ago by my mother telling me not to harass my pimples anymore. I’m pretty sure that those who are currently battling acne are still hearing these similar exclamations from the ones around you.

Acne is a very common aesthetic problem and concern across the population, especially among young people. As if the hormonal changes affecting moods and gargantuan appetites aren’t enough already, some of them are even scourged with the beauty calamity: acne.

It is an especially huge concern for young people because looking aesthetically polished is of utmost importance in order to fit in with the rest of their peers, the wants of feeling belonged, looking great to attract someone and the list goes on. Many of the problems that surface during this period could have a negative impact on the mental health and if not given proper care and treatment, it may have a drastic effect on one in the long run.

Frequently, acne victims tend to avoid eye contact when exchanging a conversation because he/she is embarrassed. Some of them refuse to cut their long hair just so that they can cover the acne-affected areas. As for the girls, the quickest way to mask their flaws would be to wear heavy makeup. What they thought could mask and beautify is actually a recipe of disaster! One should never wear heavy makeup over the acne-affected areas as it will aggravate the existing condition.

With low self-esteem often comes social withdrawals, away from the social environment because of the insecurities and fear of being taunted by cruel remarks from others. Due to emotional insecurity, young people with acne tend to feel the constant need to meet others’ expectations at work, school, among friends or having to fit in. For those who are still studying probably refuses to go to school because they feel ashamed of their appearance, and this may even lead to poor academic performance over time.

For those aspiring to be a model, and do actually fit in the physique requirements such as height and built, a pretty/handsome face, acne may yet be the only existing barrier making their skin less than perfect.

As mentioned earlier, if these problems that surface during this period of time are not rectified, it may take a serious toll on one’s mental health. Depression is actually the most common health issue that arises from the distress of acne. It may even result in symptoms like loss of appetite, leathery, mood disturbance and other behavioural problems. Feelings of unworthiness can overwhelm young people especially during crucial years of their life. Hence we strongly encourage those affected seek professional help to treat the acne and its accompanying effects.

Do take heart however that being acquainted with acne isn’t the end of the world. Though it is a beauty-killer, it isn’t going to kill you! Be strong and know that you’re not alone. There are many people who have gone through your similar challenge and even end up with severe post-acne scarring. But those many that have also sought treatment do survive and gain victory over the battle of acne.

As cliché as this may sound, “if they have survived, why can’t you?”

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