5 Simple Skincare Tips for Travel

With the haze looming over Singapore the past few weeks, it’s not unusual to wish you could just sail away on the dream holiday you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re waiting with anticipation for the December break or are planning to have a fun and impromptu weekend getaway, here are some essential tips for you to keep your skin healthy when you travel overseas!

  1. Find out about the weather

The first things on our minds when we’re researching on our holiday destination would be: where is the best food, where should we stay, and what kind of attractions will there be? In our excitement, we sometimes forget to consider how the weather may have an effect on our skin! For example, if you’re travelling away from the Equator, you can expect the weather to be much dryer than in Singapore, and this in turn can affect your skin. Be sure to pack products that will help your skin cope with any change in environment!

  1. Pack Light

Instead of packing the usual 500ml bottle of cleanser, why not buy small containers from affordable places like Daiso to store your skincare essentials? Alternatively, brands like Dermagold that are designed to be compact and easy to bring around are great because you won’t have to worry over excessive spillage and they will lighten your load. What’s more, this means you can have a slight bit more space to pack souvenirs and knickknacks to bring back for your friends and family!

  1. Don’t Forget Sunblock

No matter what you’re planning to do on your travels, sunblock is a must to keep your skin protected. Although the sun in your holiday destination may not be as strong as Singapore’s, be sure to shield your skin from harmful sun exposure (read our post on the importance of sunblock here!). Pack a trusty tube of sunblock and you’ll be all set to go on your travels!

  1. Use Adaptable Skincare

Instead of buying new products to match your skincare needs each time you embark on a new dream getaway, why not consider using adaptable skincare? For example, even though Dermagold has been designed for the hot and humid Singapore weather, due to its lightweight texture and moisturizing capabilities, it can also be used for foreign climates which tend to be dryer! Look out for skincare that is adaptive and can serve your needs in Singapore and as a travel companion on your adventure too!

  1. Moisturize on Long Flights

Take care of your skin on your way to that well-deserved holiday by packing a small bottle of moisturizer with you (be sure to pay attention to carry-on guidelines!).  Long haul flights tend to make your skin dry, and perhaps some may experience this even on shorter flights! To prevent this from happening, you could consider applying Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel to lock in the moisture and calm your skin. The cooling sensation will be refreshing and welcome on a stuffy plane ride!

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