Why The Best Scrub For Your Face is One That’s Smart and Innovative

On the lookout for a new scrub to try in your daily beauty ritual? Dermagold’s Purifying Scrub will be a great addition with its ability to provide you with TRIPLE the amount of cleansing and promote rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin. Join us as we interrogate this award-winning product to find out what makes it so smart and innovative!


The scrub is formulated with a triple cleansing and polishing action –

  1. Polishes your skin with crystalline salts and Vitamin C
  2. Dissolves sebum and blackheads with plant oils
  3. Fruit acids in Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer activate with the scrub, further enhancing the entire process.

After using the scrub, you will feel refreshed as all that is left on your face will be a smooth and natural protective layer that will make your skin glow! Exfoliating regularly will also remove sun-damaged skin and lighten the skin.


The scrub contains tiny particles of (a) crystalline salts and (b) grainy ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) found in natural plant oils such as seabuckthorn, jojoba oil and shea butter, which are key to polishing the skin’s surface.

Secondly, the plant oils enhance skin penetration. Being absorbed seamlessly into the skin’s pores to dissolve the excessive sebum (and blackheads), these natural oils allow for a much deeper pore cleansing than what you would usually get.

Lastly, the scrub is smart because it activates in response to the Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer (BR)! The fruit acids in the BR work with the plant oils in the scrub, dissolving the ‘bonds’ between the dead skin cells on your face to speed up skin renewal, leaving your skin looking younger, smoother, and fairer.

Simply use the scrub once or twice a week (depending on your skin’s condition) to let it work miracles on your skin (:


Every single one! Another reason why the scrub is smart is because it has been adapted to suit all skin types! It is a form of ‘rinse off’ treatment, ensuring that no real overload is left behind on the skin once you have cleansed your face.

  • Those with sensitive skin can rest their minds at ease because the Purifying Scrub is considerate of this and is gentle on your skin.
  • Those with acne marks and scars will notice their skin lightening after consistent usage.

Therefore, the scrub is best suited for those who just want to achieve clearer, brighter, and fairer skin!

This award-winning product rings true to its name as it not only scrubs, but purifies your skin, making it a welcome introduction to anyone’s personal facial care regime. For more info on how to purchase the Purifying Scrub, check out Dermagold’s website here.

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