Why Men Need to Wear Sunblock in Singapore

With the majority of sun protection advertisements geared towards women, people often forget about the implications of sun damage for men too. Here are reasons why men should watch out for their skin and ensure that they have adequate and daily ultraviolet (UV) protection.

The basic fact is this: sun protection is imperative to every single skin type; it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, or whether you skin is on the sensitive or rough side! Covering yourself with sunblock significantly protects your skin against early signs of aging, skin discolorations as well as skin cancer.

If you’ve read our article on why it’s important to put on sunblock in Singapore, you will know that skin cancer is one of the leading cancers contracted by both Singaporean men and women. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is known to be the most important risk factor in contracting skin cancer. So, it’s time for men to change up and improve their outdoor game. This can be accomplished simply by remembering to slather your skin and face with sunblock before you head outside.

Men do not lead the same lifestyle in Singapore. While some of you may be sporadically in and out of the home, others may drive frequently on the roads, commute to the office on public transport, or be avid sports lover. However, one thing all men should make a part of their lives is a habit of applying sunblock – any exposure to the sun should necessitate its use!

Though you might think a short walk under the blazing afternoon sun or a few laps in the pool might not affect your skin, this isn’t the case at all – everything adds up over time! Even if your skin is not burned, it is constantly being aged by the sun and becoming increasingly susceptible to irreversible damage that will only surface when you are older.

Some men may notice, and even flaunt or laugh at the tanlines they get from spending time under the sun. However, there are deeper implications behind the contrast in your skin tone – it is evidence that men’s skin is not invincible to the sun’s powerful UV rays!

Remember that preventing yourself from sun damage is a lot simpler than trying to correct damage that has already been done; shield yourself with sunblock every day to ensure that your skin will be defended against any sun damage. Start young. Start now.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate sunblock into your daily habits, check out the simple solutions we’ve offered in our post about how to add sunblock into your lifestyle. And, if you’re looking for sunblock that is geared towards male users, do consider Dermagold Men’s range of sunblocks, as they have been tailored to suit men’s preferences and adapt to the hot and humid climate of the equator!

(The following article has been adapted from the original article found on dermagoldmen.com)

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