The Science+Nature formula (Part 3) – A Superberry for Your Skin

Have you heard of the seabuckthorn? Though it may be pint-sized, it packs a ton of power and is one of the world’s best kept beauty secrets! In Part 3 of the SCIENCE+NATURE series, we explore the strength of nature by focusing on one of the strongest and most effective ingredients we have unearthed on our quest to create the perfect potion for your skin.



seabuckthorn1Unlike its counterparts – Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Ester – Seabuckthorn has been used by different figures around the world for a very, very long time. This can date back to the era of Genghis Khan, where the hardy seabuckthorn was used to speed recovery in his forces and their steads. It has remained a strong rejuvenator in many areas even today – for instance, seabuckthorn oil is used by Russian cosmonauts to treat the radiation burns they receive upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere from space, and it was made into a national drink of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.



It is no wonder that this superberry, which flowers and bears fruits in only the most harshest of climates, is a potent ingredient that can boost the skin in many ways. The entire seabuckthorn, from its berry, to the bark and leaves, are high in anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, Vit E, the rare Omega 7 and up to 190 other bioactive nutrients!

These various factors compound into a nutritious skin food that can provide for your skin in a wide range of ways:

  1. Anti-aging properties
  2. Acne treatment
  3. A Boost in Moisture
  4. Natural Skin Healing and Regeneration
  5. UV Protection



If you are keen to reap the benefits of seabuckthorn, look no further because Dermagold is the first local brand to imbue the superberry into its creative and scientific processes. The seabuckthorn has been incorporated into award-winners such as the Skin Elixir and Miracle C+ not simply because of the benefits listed above. The berry itself boasts a rich scent and luscious texture that promises to leave your skin feels soothed and refreshed, so you can always look forward to your daily beauty routine.

As we come to the end of this three-part series, we have pulled back the curtains to unveil how Dermagold harnesses the finest essence of both science and nature to deliver highly functional and effective products that can manage, alleviate and improve your skin’s concerns. We also hope that we have been able to give you further knowledge on the active ingredients you can, and should, find in your skincare products, and assisted you in your search for solutions to your skin troubles, whatever they may be.

If you are interested to learn more about our extensive skincare line, be sure to check out now!



EXTRA! Fun Facts about Seabuckthorn

 ·       It has 10 times more Vit C than oranges·       High in Vit A and E, which is great for the skin·       The 3rd highest source of Vit E in the plant world

·       Rich in Omega 3 (like fish!) – this prevents against heart disease and stroke



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