The Science+Nature Formula (Part 2) – How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin

Do not be misled by Hyaluronic Acid’s (HA) scientific name. It is in fact a natural substance found in the skin and joints of our body! In the ever-expanding field of skincare science, HA remains a proven and well established scientific ingredient that is loaded with positives for our skin. Read more in Part 2 of our SCIENCE+NATURE series to find out why you should start using products with HA in them!


HA boasts the scientific property of being “hydrophilic” or water-binding. This means that just a single drop of HA can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water! Hence, one of the greatest benefits of HA is its unparalleled ability to seal and lock moisture into the skin, giving much needed respite especially to those with dry complexions.


HA is ‘smart’ in the sense that the amount of moisture it absorbs can be adjusted to suit the relative conditions of a particular climate, season, and humidity. This means that with the right knowledge, HA can be used effectively even in extra humid climates like Singapore!

Secondly, HA is adaptable and can be utilised to tackle issues such as sagging, haggard skin, or skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity. This is why it popularly used in areas such as medial aesthetics: it can be found, for instance, in injectables like dermal fillers to give a boost in hydration or to restore the volume loss that results from aging.


Just like Vitamin C, HA also comes with a slew of significant benefits, which include:

  1. Great at giving Moisture Boosts
  2. Increases your Skin’s Smoothness
  3. Restores and Retains your Skin’s Elasticity
  4. Restore Youthfulness
  5. Reduces any Wrinkles or Fine Lines


Knowing how much HA can help your skin, several of Dermagold’s products have been infused with this scientific ingredient! This consists of: our all-rounded, beauty essential Miracle C+, our skin-strengthening Secret Lift Serum, and last but not least, our potent HA booster, which is actually made of 100% pure HA to keep even the driest skin hydrated. Simple, safe, and effective, these are the key motivations behind the SCIENCE+NATURE equation.

In the last two parts, you have seen how Dermagold uses elements of science to create effective and locally-tailored products for those in Singapore and Southeast Asia to use with ease. In the final edition of the SCIENCE+NATURE series next week, we will venture on to discuss the ‘nature’ of Dermagold’s award-winning and seamlessly integrated formulas, our best (but not so secret!) secret, the superberry seabuckthorn.

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