The SCIENCE+NATURE formula (Part 1) – How Vitamin C Benefits Skin

While it may be general knowledge that Vitamin C is a vital and beneficial nutrient for our bodies, did you also know that there are actually two different forms of Vit C you can find in skin products? We’ll give you a sneak peek behind Dermagold’s award-winning formulations to learn the difference between the two, and expound on the many reasons why Vit C is a natural elixir for your skin. Read more to find out!

Vitamin C is essential to a healthy and balanced diet – this is not breaking news to most. Being a key nutrient behind the maintenance and repair of body tissues, this in turn translates into Vit C having positive, outer impacts on our skin. Having said that, you should be aware that Vit C tends to take on 2 forms in your skin products, each with varying effectiveness:

  1. L-ascorbic acid (typo)(Vit C in its purest form), and
  2. Ascorbyl phosphate OR Vit C Ester



L-ascorbic acid, while pure and generally good for the skin, can actually result in issues such as skin irritation. People with sensitive skin may even experience burning sensations when they use products with L-ascorbic acid and, if it worsens, redness on the face.

This type of Vit C also oxidises and degrades at a faster rate, especially when it is exposed to air! Not only does this mean that it has to be stored under special conditions – its effectiveness gradually fades as it oxidizes too.


At Dermagold, we choose to use Vit C Ester, which is also derived from Vit C but is much more stable than its counterpart. Storing is less of a problem because it is less volatile, and a much wider range of people can use it due to its lowered skin irritability – including those with more sensitive skin! This already earns it two thumbs up, and we haven’t even started on the other significant benefits of using Vit C Ester:

  1. Anti-oxidant properities (reverses the damage of oxidation on skin)
  2. Reverses sundamage
  3. Lightens pigmentation and Brightens skin
  4. Improves skin smoothness and luminosity
  5. Anti-aging properties (stimulates collagen synthesis in your skin, improving firmness and elasticity whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles)
  6. Balances oil and sebum production

Has this info persuaded you to add a bit more Vit C into your diet? (:



Although we commonly get our daily dose of Vit C from natural sources such as food – think oranges, grapefruit, and veggies – did you know that we would have to consume 3g of Vit C a day in order for there to be visible effects on our skin? That’s a lot!

That being said, do not despair, because food and oral vitamins are not the only options you have (;

This is why Dermagold has made it a priority to craft much easier and more effective ways to give your skin Vit C. By producing skin food that is high in Vit C Ester, like Dermagold’s award-winning Miracle C, the process of giving your skin sufficient Vit C has become much easier and effective!

Moderating and maximizing the amount of Vitamin C is an excellent way to consistently make sure your skin has what it needs to shine. This is why Miracle C is loved by its users, and also why Dermagold believes in marrying the best of both SCIENCE and NATURE in our concoctions to produce the most simple but effective products. We hope we’ve been able to enlighten you to Vitamin C benefits for your skin so you can make more informed decisions for your own skincare routines!

Keep your eyes on the blog as next week, we cover the second part of our SCIENCE+NATURE formula series. You can look forward to discovering why hyaluronic acid is a ‘smart’ compound you should include in your beauty routine.

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