The Real Meaning of Solitude, and How It Can Help You

Pause for a moment to consider this – When was the last time you were able to achieve a sense of solitude in yourself? Some of us may crave solitude despite our hectic schedules, while others may have misconceptions about what solitude means, and avoid it at all costs. The truth is, solitude can play a large role in how you manage your life. Here’s why:


In a progressively ‘noisy’ world where we are constantly bombarded with messages, emails, and alerts, it has become increasingly harder yet important to find time for solitude.

Here’s the first thing you should know – solitude is not akin to loneliness. The two are very different sensations! Planned solitude brings about positive effects and benefits in your life. Unlike loneliness, solitude is not a negative emotion. It is something that we should aim to attain!

Solitude refers to the easing sense of comfort and peace when you are by yourself, and allowing yourself to find contentment in your own company. It’s about not feeling lonely even when you are alone.

Do not mistake solitude for isolation either! Understand solitude as, instead, a timeout from the overwhelming connectivity we have at our fingertips with all the gadgets and social media apps that we have grown accustomed. Rather than just blocking yourself from all these external connections, treat solitude as temporary, personal time where you can focus on yourself alone, on your inner connection with yourself, and no longer on your relationship vis-à-vis others.


“Never fear being alone. Listen to your heart. My best ideas are birthed in solitude.” – Grace, Co-founder of Dermagold

Because solitude is deeply personal ‘you’ time, the sense of calm and control you have can give you many new insights and strengths such as:

  • New ideas to solve persistent problems
  • New paradigms or ways of looking at the world
  • New inner strength to conquer your struggles
  • Clarity in your choices and actions
  • New order to our inner world

In this way, just taking 10 – 30 minutes out of your schedule every day to give yourself some solitude can drastically reshape the way you tackle your problems and manage your responsibilities!


Everyone! At a certain point in your day, year, and life, solitude may be one of the best, natural remedies you can spare yourself. We understand that no matter how young or old you are, everyone has to deal with their own stressors, responsibilities, and hardships.

And so, taking breathers can give you renewed energy, help you redefine or sharpen your goals, and arm you with the strength to overcome what seemed insurmountable before.


Once you have understood and accepted that solitude should be a part of your life, you are already more than halfway there! (:

For simple but effective suggestions, keep your eyes on our site. Next time, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to practice solitude in Singapore!

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