The Journey

How did Dermagold get to where it is today? Follow us as we give you a recount of The Journey!


(1) The Beginning: Our Humble Origins

dermagold founders

Though you may have only heard of Dermagold recently (or just today, even!), our brand is actually turning 13 this year! Dermagold began in 2003 as a personal hobby cum project of childhood friends Grace and Luping. The two ladies, who were also schoolmates from their primary school days in Methodist Girls’ School up to their undergraduate years in the National University of Singapore, began Dermagold due to the skin woes they faced.

“I had teenage acne which resulted in much facial scarring. The acne did affect my self-esteem and the subsequent acne scarring was disheartening.” – Luping

While Grace had to deal with mild acne issues that surfaced in her mid-20s, Luping had contended with severe acne as a teenager, which led to blemishes and scarring that affected her self-esteem. The two of them tried and tested many kinds of skincare available in the market (those found in department stores, drug stores, you name it!) but their search was to no avail.

It was only after entering private practice as a family physician did Grace remedy her skin woes using medical skincare. Unfortunately, Grace could not continue with medical-grade skincare as a daily regime when her skin reverted to normal and her skin problems had been resolved as it became too harsh for her delicate skin.

While Luping wanted a product that could help her maintain her desired complexion, Grace had always dreamed of concocting the ‘perfect potion’ to achieve flawless skin. As both ladies seldom wore make-up, they shared a dream: to create a line of skincare that would give them the option and confidence to bare their skin. Not only was beautifully bare skin a great confidence booster, but for those who liked to wear make-up, clear skin had the extra bonus of providing a great canvas for make-up.

This ambitious idea sparked the beginning of the Dermagold journey.

 (2) The Ideation: The Birth of Dermagold


Grace and Luping noted that very few skincare labels were actually tailored for use at the equator. Yet, the two women understood that a common problem in Singapore’s hot and humid climate was that many products tended to be greasy and rich on the skin. As such, they decided to create a skincare line that could fill this gap in the local scene, with these criteria in mind:

  1. Lightweight and Easily Absorbed By the Skin – products tailor-made for the Southeast Asian climate [but also adaptable enough to be used by customers travelling to temperate regions].
  2. High % of Bioactive Ingredients – to bridge the gap between prescription based and over the counter products, without the need for a doctor’s prescription.
  3. A Complete System of Synergistic Products – the sum of the products would be stronger than simply using each product alone (although many products by themselves act as multi-taskers as well!).

Having devised their plan of action, Grace and Luping leveraged on the expertise of reputable international manufacturers. Their on-the-ground experience with real people who had real skin issues also complemented their efforts to create a skincare solution unique to Southeast Asia. After 12 months, the 1st basic line of Dermagold products was launched.

Following the pioneering batch of Dermagold products, the skincare line continued to develop over a journey for the next 10 years, growing alongside the founders as they entered different stages of life. This allowed the products to become increasingly refined and supplemented with new skincare solutions that could meet the changing and wide-ranging needs of skin.

Dermagold has come into fruition today as the result of 10 years of researching, understanding, and experiencing skincare needs at the most personal level.

(3) The Revamp: Reinventing a New Look

For the first 10 years of Dermagold’s life, it remained as a beloved hobby for Grace and Luping. Understanding that sacrifice was needed to deliver a serious and well-attested business, the two childhood friends decided to focus first on family and child-raising. They did not see Dermagold as a money-making venture, and their meticulously curated skincare line was reserved for the use of friends and family who were pleased to find solutions that were otherwise unanswered by the local market.

By 2014, after seeing how Dermagold had touched the lives of their close companions, Grace and Luping were spurred on by the encouragement of family and supporters to take a leap of faith and step out of their comfort zone. They were going to raise Dermagold to new heights.

Donning a refreshed look and a new brand logo (Dg stands for Dermagold, while O symbolises the holistic skincare system the brand prides itself in offering to its users), Dermagold was revamped to appeal to discerning users that were serious about effective and homegrown skincare, and not merely into following passing fads.

The brand was also reinvented with the goal to reach out and help the younger generation. Understanding the effect one’s skin can have on one’s self-esteem, especially when one is entering or settling into adulthood, Dermagold champions the idea of daring to bare and reinvention of the self.

“Daring to bare your skin is also not only about having flawless skin to bare It is about daring to bare even if we have imperfections and being willing to be on a journey to improve your skin with DERMAGOLD. It is also about being truly you, and daring to show and be your true self.” – Grace

While we should learn to love and accept ourselves and our bare skin, this is something that is understandably difficult for many people both young and old. Having struggled with the similar issues, Grace and Luping believe that this is precisely why it is important to champion positivity and self-love through Dermagold, and that is why these values are the backbone of Dermagold now.

Likewise, reinvention is important to Dermagold because constantly developing and improving yourself to become a better you is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Grace and Luping believe in this brand message, and seek to inspire others who are on their own individual journeys through Dermagold.

 (4) The Challenges: Facing the Giants

dermagold founders

Upping Dermagold into an eminent brand that would join Singapore’s rich and thriving band of homegrown businesses came with its own set of challenges. Having no prior experience in running a business, Grace and Luping had to get their hands dirty and build everything from the ground up. They have adapted and learned many new skills through all the trials and successes they have faced since.

“My main challenge is getting out of my comfort zone – reinventing myself to take on the tasks at hand in our business. So from doing the things which I am naturally am best, I now have to rise up to the challenge of developing new skills to take on new tasks.” – Luping

“One of my major challenges is keeping my balance during the brand reinvention journey. The demands on my time can be overwhelming from many fronts and it takes an internal steadfastness, perseverance and courage to push through. Many times, I deliberately force myself to be still amidst all the activities & noise to sort out the clutter to decide how to forge ahead.” – Grace

Their close partnership led the way as they brought out the best in each other, while at the same time covering each other’s weaknesses. Sharing identical core values of integrity, responsibility, and perseverance, their passion to reach out to the wider community propelled them forward. These values have likewise been embodied into Dermagold, ensuring that products constantly deliver only the best to their users.

Grace and Luping did not falter as they reinvented themselves to match up with the vision of the new
Dermagold. They had, after all, been constantly reinventing and growing through different phases of their lives, from daughters, to doctors, to their journeys as wives and mothers.

This is why they believe strongly in reinvention and its ability to empower an individual, and why Dermagold thrives on this enriching and encouraging theme.

Together, Grace and Luping have shown that reinvention is never simply a one-time decision, but it is constantly a choice one can take with their own hands. (And that it is never late to chase your dreams!)

(5) The Next Lap: Dermagold Now

dermagold 1Over the last year following the brand revamp and entry into the commercial market, Dermagold has managed to accrue numerous awards. With 6 under our belt (read about them here), and 1 more forthcoming, Dermagold has successfully launched a slew of products that have been recognised by key voices in the industry. As we continue to craft even better skincare remedies to serve our discerning consumers, we also wish to continue contributing to the community in bigger ways.

Existing as a social-minded brand, Dermagold is presently entering another new phase of its brand journey. Dermagold seeks to reach out to connect with other ladies and men who
desire to reinvedermagold 2nt themselves to reach new heights or prepare for the next phase, no matter what stage of life they may be in. And, being mothers, Grace and Luping have passionate and vested interests in creating a better future of their children as well as the future generation. Its newest brainchild is Reinvention Journey. Through this humble and quiet online publication, Dermagold wishes to create an impact in reader’s lives and reach out to the community at large. This is why the content you will find in Reinvention Journey is conceived to help youths, mothers, men or women who want to know more about tackling skin issues, Singaporeans, and the wider community in Asia as well as around the world.

Dermagold is proud to be dermagold 3identified as one of the up and coming local skincare brands. While celebrating our roots, Reinvention Journey will provide us and you with a platform to inspire, reinvent, create hope, and contribute towards painting a brighter future for Singapore, in ways both big and small, inside and out. Heart cannot be measured, but it can be felt. We look forward to your company as we embark on the latest stretch of our reinvention journey (: