The Team


Diversity is important to Dermagold. We take pride in our Singaporean roots and our products are conscientiously designed to be used by a diversity of people with different skin conditions. Likewise, the team behind Dermagold celebrates diversity and is fond of embracing and bridging differences. We are made up of different people, each with our unique strengths, talents and gifts. Our collective belief is that through our differences and working together as team, we are able to achieve greater heights and touch more people in the community through our efforts. Get to know more about us below:

Grace |Co-founder|
A proud mother of 2 who is passionate about beauty matters & aesthetic concepts, Grace is always daydreaming of concocting the “perfect potion” to achieve flawless skin. She constantly juggles many balls in the air as wife, mother, doctor, entrepreneur ( and housekeeper!), and is not only a doctor by training, but also by heart. She cares greatly and believes in empowering people to shine with their strengths. Though a busy multi-tasker, she channels her extra energies towards sowing resources in the younger generation to create a common, brighter future.

Luping |Co-founder|
Luping’s strong sense of artistic flair stems from her secret childhood ambition to be designer. Now a mum, doctor and entrepreneur, Luping takes care of the artistic direction, production and operational details  and financial matters in our team. A lover of all things beautiful, quiet and unassuming, it is through these details that she finds inspiration for her work and design. Although introverted, she has a knack of connecting with the heartlanders and empathizes with those who have fallen between the cracks in society. Also a proud mummy of 2!

Isabel |Operations Team Leader|
An engineer by training, Isabel’s talents are integral in marrying the technical side of the brand with its message of beauty. A quick-thinker who resolves problems steadfastly, she is fascinated with developing new ideas from old routines and is an adept people-person. She is a natural at relating to others and is passionate about reaching out to the youth.

jennifer2Jennifer |Editorial Lead|
The youngest member of the team, Jennifer is a budding writer/editor who likes to challenge herself and always finds the positive side in every situation. She finds purpose in helping the Singaporean youth and hopes to be part of a process of inspiration, assisting those who are battling with self-doubt and insecurity to overcome the walls they may face.

alicaAlica |Aesthetics Assistant cum Product Stylist|
Bright and kind-natured, Alica is a multi-talented team player who is actually trained in Fashion Design! Owing to her love for skincare and beauty, she is currently an Aesthetics Assistant with Dermagold. Her passion for photography fuels her developing proficiency with the lens. Alica’s enthusiasm and open-mind shines through her daily desire to learn new skills and beauty knowledge.