Swiss Apple Stem Cells — The Key to Conquering Wrinkles and Crow Feet

Swiss Apple Stem Cells are the unique, award-winning ingredient behind the Dermagold’s Cellular Regenerator. Read more about this special formula and how it can rejuvenate and renew the condition of both aging and damaged skin.

The Cellular Regenerator is a luxurious and carefully formulated serum that will harness the natural, regenerative ability of your skin. By pairing stem cell technology with Switzerland apple stem cells, the Cellular Regenerator activates and boosts the potential of your facial stem cells while at the same time delaying their deterioration. What does this mean?

The Restorative Quality of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Crowned as the ‘Best Active Ingredient’ in 2008, Swiss apple stem cells have been increasingly recognised for their restorative potential.  Schmid et al. (2008), in their study of how Swiss apple stem cells can affect longevity of skin, explain that Swiss apples have been cultivated by humans due to their good storage properties. Swiss apples are able to stay fresh for months, indicating that their stem cells are extremely long-living.

In turn, by allowing these stem cells to interact with our own human stem cells, we can support our skin in a couple of ways:

Dermagold Cellular Regenerator (center), Miracle C+ (left), Secret Lift Serum (right)
Dermagold Cellular Regenerator (center), Miracle C+ (left), Secret Lift Serum (right)

Reduce Premature Skin Aging

If you are looking to reduce wrinkle depth or crow feet, the Cellular Regenerator helps you to tackle such signs of age. According to tests conducted by the same paper Schmid et al. (2008), when women applied cream enriched with the stem cells, they noticed a 15% reduction of crow feet around their eyes after a month of use.

This is because the introduction of Swiss apple stem cells to the skin helps to boost its health and viability, as these additional cells help to replace and rejuvenate our lost human stem cells. Hence, the Cellular Regenerator can be used by anyone regardless of age or the chronological state of their skin. This is why we recommend a second function of this formula below.

Enhance Skin Restoration After Skin Treatments

Dermagold ‘s Cellular Regeneratior is also especially ideal if you want to enhance the effects of certain skin treatments such as acne scar reduction treatments or medi-facials. As Swiss apple stem cells are adept at restoring our skin cells, by using the Cellular Regenerator, you can help your skin regain its former state and healthy glow in a shorter period of time. The extra helping hand this product offers in the generation of new cells will certainly make a difference in the appearance of your skin after consistent use (of about 3 months or more).

This highly sought after skin food can be found online at the Dermagold E-store (click here), or at Mint Medical Centre and Sugino Clinic. For those seeking youthful and radiant skin, this product is certainly a must-buy!


Schmid, D., Schurch, P., Belser, E. & Zulli, F. (2008) Plant Stem Cell Extract for Longevity of Skin and Hair. International Journal for Applied Science. (5). 30 – 35.


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