How to Survive Airplanes: the Dermagold Skincare Edition

As we near the end of the year and begin counting down the days to the start of our much deserved holidays, we also come face to face with one of the only few drawbacks about travelling – getting on and staying in a plane for hours on end!

In the spirit of all those who love to travel but find it hard to sit through the inevitable flights needed to accomplish said sojourns, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to keep your skin fresh and light, and improve your mood during your flights out of the country!

Before the flight

To avoid last minute rushes, you should have packed up your suitcase the day before. Double check that you’ve prepared all the necessary documents needed for a smooth journey from depature, to immigration, to your boarding gate. Before you head to the airport for your flight, here are some things you can do to give an extra boost to your skin and your general mood:

  1. Cleanse your face – Use your favourite cleanser or an effective cleanser that tackles your skin type (read this post to find out more about specific cleanser types) and give your face a nice, thorough wash. This will not only renew your skin for the long journey ahead, but it will also clear any dirt or other impurities from the skin which you would have otherwise left on your skin during the flight.
  1. Moisturise your face – Pre-empt the dry conditions of the airplane by prepping your skin. Using an effective product that can seal moisture to your skin – skin food such as Dermagold’s Miracle C+ which not only infuses your face with nutritious vitamins but also encourages retention of moisture, will make you feel more prepared and fresh as you board the plane and assimilate to the inflight environment.
  1. Apply light make up, or go bare-faced – If you are going to spend the next few hours on an airplane, you should allow your skin to breathe and avoid irritating it with make-up. As such, you can use a light, moisturising foundation or choose to go bare-faced in order to left your skin rest and breathe during the flight, reducing the likelihood of breakouts.

During the flight

For short to medium haul flights (1 – 6 hours)

  • Refresh your face with some facial cleansing wipes

Pack a few facial cleansing wipes in your carry on, just enough for you to use on the flights to and from your holiday destination. If you feel your face getting oily in the middle of the end of the flight, you can easily use one of such wipes to clear your face up. The cold touch and pleasant scent of these wipes will also wake you up, should you have trouble staying awake after the tiring effects on flying.

  • Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with the Hydra Recovery Gel

If you notice your skin is getting dry from the conditions on the plane, make a quick trip to the restroom to apply a thin layer of the Hydra Recovery Gel on your face. Before the flight, you can transfer a small amount of the gel into a travel-friendly container (you can get pocket-sized containers from both Muji and Daiso) that you can bring with you through immigration. Even the simple act of using a skincare product on your face can do wonders to make your skin feel refresher and brightened!

To find out more of the numerous benefits of the Hydra Recovery Gel, you can refer to this post.

  • Try not to touch your face during the flight!

Though this may seem like a very obvious and unnecessary tip, it is in fact something that most of us are not mindful of when we are on the plane. For example, we don’t hesitate to scratch our faces should the skin feel dry and itchy during the flight. However, germs can be found around and on our hands, and so an important thing to keep in mind if your skin is prone to breakouts is to avoid touching your face with un-washed hands. An itchy face may be a sign of dryness or irritation, so use those facial cleansing wipes or your Hydra Recovery Gel to ease the sensation!

For long haul flights (6 – 12 hours)

  • All the tips above work for long haul flights too! Just be mindful to pack more wipes and product so that you can remain well-equipped throughout your journey.
  • Pack a fun or effective facial mask

Just because economy class feels squeezy and uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself from a much-needed pampering session. Make the best of the long hours on the airplane to use a nice facial mask that can rejuvenate and alleviate the dryness of your skin. Dermagold’s Premier White Face Mask is perfect for the job – use this mask along side other Dermagold products (the Miracle C+, Hydra Recovery Gel, and so on) to enhance the beneficial effects on your skin.

  • Remember to hydrate yourself and your skin – drink water constantly throughout the flight

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the flight is an important part of ensuring your body and your skin feels in tip top condition when you disembark at your destination. However, many travellers may get tired of continually asking for refills or getting up to get their own cup of water. This is why one major tip we have is for you to bring an emptied water bottle in your carry on! Ask the flight attendant to flip you fill it up with water after you get on the plane and you can easily ensure you have enough water intake for your flight!


After the flight

  • Once you’ve checked into your hotel, remember to cleanse you face before hitting the hay or going out to explore the country!
  • Although you may feel excited, sufficient sleep is vital in allowing your body to recover from the stress of travel and your skin to clear up – always remember to have a good night’s rest so that you can start Day 1 (or 2) of your holiday on a great note and with great skin!

Lastly, at the end of your trip make notes of which skincare products served you well during the flight, and which ones didn’t really help much – this will help you curate an even better list of skincare companions to help you survive your next flight!

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