4 Quick Skincare Tips for Students Going on Exchange

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Whether you are excited about going abroad to study in the near future or have already embarked on your own unique exchange experience, here are some skincare tips that may come in handy if you find your skin reacting to its long-term exposure to a fresh new environment!

  1. Bring enough of your personal skincare with you

If you are using a skincare line that works for your face and helps you tackle your skin troubles, be sure not to leave it behind when you go on exchange! It might seem easier to buy facial cleansing products at your destination, but there’s something daunting about sifting through rows of brands you have never used, let alone seen before!

Of course, if you’re the more adventurous type, and you have the budget, go for it! Do take note of what works best for your skin and how it reacts to products both old and new in a foreign environment.

  1. Consider adaptive skincare products

While it’s common to find products that can treat your skin woes specifically (e.g. acne, oily face, dry skin), one of the things that is hard to predict is how your skin will react to an environment when you’re on exchange. Unless the weather of your destination is similar to Singapore’s, you may have to change up your products to treat your skin better under a brand new place. To prevent the trouble, why not consider using skincare that can cleanse and nourish your skin, regardless of the environment? This is what Dermagold prides itself in because its range of products work effectively in both the tropical Southeast Asian climate and the cool, dry weather of European countries.

  1. Relax!

Given how hectic life can be in Singapore for people both young and old, exchange is a great time to unwind a bit and relax in a less stressful environment! Letting go of stress can clear up your skin, and finding time for yourself means that you can finally try out that brand of face masks you’ve been eyeing for quite awhile now. We’re all guilty of hoarding cosmetic or facial products that we’ve never started using, so now’s a good time to try them out! Pamper yourself, but also remember to make the best use of your time and the learning opportunities you receive as one of the privileged individuals who get a chance to experience exchange! (:

  1. Care for your skin after you’re back too!

After an exciting and fruitful period abroad, some people may find their skin breaking out when they’ve returned to their home country! This is because your skin needs time to adjust and get used to Singapore’s weather. Don’t be surprised if you experience oilier skin or are more sensitive to outbreaks when you’ve returned from exchange. It’s normal and nothing to worry over! Instead, do pay attention to what your skin needs and change up your skincare routine by incorporating stronger or milder products wherever necessary.

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