Reinvent Yourself: 3 Ways to Learn New Skills Online

In this digital age, classes and skill courses have migrated onto the Internet, allowing us to have better access to opportunities to upgrade ourselves. Whether you have an undergraduate or someone who wants to add something new to their repertoire, check out these free online courses, you’d be surprised about what you can learn online now!

*Do note that we are not affiliated with any of these sites and that this is not a sponsored post.

  1. Learn 45 different Career-Relevant Skills via Mashable

We had to feature this impressive list put together by Mashable, which points you to online courses that cover a wide range of industry-relevant skills. Programming, Design, Marketing, if you or your friend are looking to develop skills in a specific area of business, do check out these courses, which are all less than 10 weeks long!

  1. Learn a New Language with Language Apps

Ever wanted to pick up a language despite your packed schedule? Language apps are solving this problem today as they allow you to learn a new language through your phone. Whether you want a structured language course like those offered by Duolingo, or you prefer to talk to an speaker of another language and exchange languages with them (check out HelloTalk), now you can learn a language at your own pace, without pressure.

At this point, we would also like to diverge a slight bit to give a shoutout to local initiative My Father Tongue, which holds free language classes where you can pick up Chinese dialects. While not online, we had to mention this initiative as it is a great way for Chinese Singaporeans to connect back to their roots! Do note that for now there are only classes for 3 dialects (Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien), but we hope to see this initiative branch out in the future.

  1. Learn to Read Faster

We decided to include site which teaches speed-reading as our last pick (for this article) because reading is such an integral part of many people’s lives – whether it is reading for schoolwork, for work, or to catch up with the biggest news stories of the day. While sometimes our life may seem to move too fast to have time to spare to read, Spreeder proves this belief wrong by showing you the potential you have! Try it out and see if you can fit in more reads into your life.

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