4 Important Reasons To Wear Sunblock in Singapore

Singapore has been experiencing incredibly sunny weather lately, and according to the National Environment Agency’s Second National Climate Change Study released in April 2015, the average temperature in Singapore will only continue to increase in the long term.

What are some of the things Singaporeans can do to adapt to these changes in the weather, knowing that high or ‘record’ temperatures will eventually become the norm in the future? One of the most important and essential things would be to make the use of sunblock a daily habit in our lives. Here’s why:

1. The High Concentration of UV Rays in Singapore

Being a country near the equator, Singapore is constantly exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation all year round. It is therefore more likely for the residents of Singapore to be subjected to unhealthy amounts of UV exposure if we do not give our skin the right protection.

Furthermore, one cannot assume that a bit of time outdoors will not put their skin at risk. According to Casetti et al (2011), sunburns occur not only from excessive exposure to the sun’s rays, but even from moderate levels of UV radiation!

2. To Reduce the Chances of Skin Cancer

You might think that having grown up in Singapore, our skin has adapted to the blistering sun. This is not the case! In fact, skin cancer is a very relevant issue that many may face as they grow older. It’s the eighth most common cancer in Singapore according to the Health Promotion Board, and constant exposure to UV rays is the most significant risk factor in contracting this form of cancer.

A study done by Sng et al (2009) has also revealed that the rate of incidence of skin cancer in Singapore has increased in the last 50 years. Though there was a general increase in the contraction of basal cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) observed across all races, the greatest was found in Chinese aged 60 years and above, which increased by 18.9/100,000 person-years between the period of 1968-1972 to 2003-2006 (Sng et al, 2009: 428).

To prevent ourselves and our loved ones from falling into this alarming trend, we should certainly make it a habit to use sunblock in Singapore more often.

3. To Reduce Photo Aging and Other Ill-Effects on Your Skin

This doesn’t refer to looking older in photos! Photo aging is actually a type of extrinsic aging – aging caused by external factors (such as UV rays, environmental factors and stressors, etc). This is the opposite of intrinsic aging – natural and biological aging of our bodies as time passes. Photo aging is the reason we may look older than we actually are, or why we find our skin’s condition deteriorating drastically with age. In this case, photo aging occurs due to prolonged UV exposure and can result in pigmentation and the early development of wrinkles and fine lines on our face.

A sunburn is a short term effect of not having sufficient sun protection, whereas photo aging is a long term effect that only surfaces when we are much older. Did you know that it is possible for photo aging to be the cause of why our skin ages up to 80% of the time? This means that we have the ability to prevent ourselves from premature aging by simply choosing to apply sunblock in Singapore whenever necessary. With simple precautions like this, we can always look and feel our best, even as we mature with age!

4. Prevention is Better Than Cure… and Easier too!

If you’ve experienced a sunburn before, you will know that it’s not very pleasant. There is no immediate treatment for sunburn, and you will have to wait for the affected skin to peel while it remains sensitive to the touch. The recuperation time may drag out in more severe cases of sunburn. This gruelling experience can be easily prevented if you take out just five minutes to slather on some sunscreen as you prepare to go out!

Post suncare is an equally important prevention method you can adopt into your lifestyle. This means taking care of your skin just after it has been exposed to the sun, and in doing so, ensuring that the damage to your skin is minimal. Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel is an award-winning product you can consider using – you can apply it just after outdoor activities to calm and soothe irritated skin, and to quickly restore its equilibrium.

Be sure to share this post with those around you to keep them informed on the risks of forgetting to use sunblock. If you’re not sure how to start incorporating sunblock into your daily beauty routine, check out our article here on how to do just that!

Reinvention Journey believes that you will be able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle with your loved ones, while at the same time taking care of the skin you own to avoid any future skin complications and conditions! Make the choice to apply sunblock in Singapore and understand that it is more of a necessity than a simple precaution on our sunny island.

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