Pursuing the Singapore Dream with Gusto: What’s Next? [Contributed]

This week, Wan Wei, a driven and successful entrepreneur in Singapore, shares with us what the ways we can go about to pursue our own dreams. Read on to find out more!

Hey folks! I hope you have enjoyed the national day parade and the many exciting (and free!) SG50 jubilee events. Personally, I really enjoyed them as a Singaporean who has been overseas in Europe for some time! (:

Today I want to briefly write about three ways on how we, as young Singaporeans, can pursue our respective Singaporean dreams with gusto. As a nation, we have probably come thus far based on national values such as meritocracy and hard work. The next fifty years marks the time for young people to learn to have a vision, dream bigger, and establish a solid standing for Singapore on the global stage.

  1. Have an opinion, and learn to defend it.

In recent times, surviving in the real world has increasingly become about having an opinion, and standing by it. Now this takes guts and strength of character, because it means standing up for what you believe is just and right in spite of what others might think. You have to be strong enough mentally to rock the boat without sinking it.

Strong leaders who can truly impact the world are leaders with a strong vision that they are fully convinced by, and who have the conviction to execute it. Don’t be afraid of making unpopular decisions if you truly feel that they are more useful to society in the long run—future generations will thank you for it!


  1. Find out what makes you really passionate and/or really angry.

But to first have an opinion and stand by it, you need to know what drives you. It might seem strange that anger can be channelled into something good too, but I do believe that it is passion or anger that helps you find out your true purpose in life.

Ask yourself, what are you angry about? Is it racism, gender inequality or environmental issues? More often than not, anger and passion will guide you through tough times and long nights when nothing seems to be going your way. Anger and passion breed grit and the hunger to succeed.


  1. Always insist on challenging boundaries and improving yourself.

Since we are born in Singapore and are relatively affluent, it’s very tempting to continue living within our comfort zones of a sheltered life. This is defined as getting a good degree from a good university, going into civil service and having an iron bowl for the rest of your life. Yet, if you think carefully about it, a Bachelor/Master/PhD degree really means nothing when it comes to living life on your terms, and pursuing your dreams. At the end of the day it’s all about branding and the value you bring to the table.

So, make sure you think global. Because the saddest thing in life is to live your entire life as a narrow-minded person, only to discover it very late in life and then regret.

At least, dare to travel. At least, dare to be random.

At least–that’s my wish for you (:

I hope you have enjoyed these three methods! Together, we can bring the Singapore dream further: Dare to dream bigger and have a vision not only for yourself, but also aim to make the lives of many others better!

wanweiContributing Writer (Wan Wei)

Passionate about all things random, fascinating and philosophical. She runs a entrepreneurship portal at IKIGUIDE! You can follow her on Instagram (@thewanwei) or check out her linkedin ^-^

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