5 Ways to Beat the New Year Fatigue in 2017 with Dermagold

Do you ever feel like the month of January is just as much as time for recuperation, as it is for celebrating a new start? After the New Year’s celebrations die down and we settle back into our daily routines, it’s not uncommon to experience fatigue from celebrating Christmas and the New Year in quick succession. How do we prevent this fatigue from weighing us down, and how do we plan for the year ahead? Here are some tips from the Dermagold team on how to tackle January (and the rest of 2017) with ease!

  • List down do-able goals (including New Year Resolutions), and stick to them!

How often do we stick to our New Year Resolutions? The reason why some of us may fail at keeping to them can be found once we examine exactly what kind of resolutions we make every year. Instead of aimlessly chasing a vague goal such as, “Eat Healthier This Year” or “Exercise More” we need to start thinking about giving ourselves concrete and do-able goals that we can stick to.

This means not overestimating ourselves or shooting for the moon when we intend to land on the clouds – it means considering our habits, and the small things we can do to slowly change them. Start small, and dream big in order to motivate yourself from the new year!

  • For example, instead of saying “Eat Healthier”, think about committing yourself to one ‘healthy’ meal a day. Such small changes in your everyday life can work wonders on your motivation!
  • Instead of telling yourself to “Exercise More”, you can make a commitment to walking to work/home at least three times a week for a start, and slowly increase your daily activities as you get used to your new lifestyle!

Most importantly, we should make goals that we are motivated to achieve – only then will we have the willpower to stick to them and to make a good change in our lives!


  • Signpost your Busy Periods – this includes periods outside work and school, like Chinese New Year!

In the beginning of the year, you should definitely give yourself a heads-up by going through your scheduler or calender, and marking down the weeks or months where you know you’ll be swamped with work and commitments. Not only is this a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the year ahead, you will also be able to see which parts of the year will be your crunch periods, and to assess whether or not you have a good work-life balance. Check back to your calendar often so that you can pre-empt when you’ll be busy, and be more ready to take it on than ever!

  • Dermamgold Tip: During your busy period, stress can lead to the build-up of acne and other skin-related problems. Remember to set aside ample time to wash your face and take care of your skin – treat these moments of your day as a precious pocket of time where you can take a breather and get your bearings so that you can power through the hectic period! Read more about our calming Purifying Scrub and Hydra Recovery Gel, if you’re looking for products to keep you and your skin calm all year round.


  • Keep Track of Birthdays

Something that always manages to catch us off guard every year is the birthdays of our family members and good friends – be sure to input any important birthdays onto your calendar and alert yourself to them at least a week in advance. This will give you ample time to gather friends, plan a nice surprise, and get them a thoughtful gift!

  • Dermagold Tip: Always struggling to find a unique birthday gift for your friends? Dermagold’s homegrown line of products is the perfect fit – with products geared towards male and female skin types, and skincare solutions that can fit seamlessly into any existing skincare routine, our products can be used by anyone who is game on trying new, refreshing ways to better their skin.Check out our 2016 gift guide for ideas!


  • Plan for Your Holidays

We plan not only for the hardships ahead, but also for times where we can give ourselves ample rest. This means planning your holidays ahead. There are many reasons why you should be doing this:

  • There will be something to look forward to whenever you find yourself stressed out with work or studies.
  • Last-minute holiday planning never bodes well, reduce your stress by taking your time to pick out the best itinerary for yourself!
  • You can tell people when you’ll be free to hang out with them, instead of leaving them hanging by saying “I’m not sure if I’m going on holiday.”


  • Look Back on What You Did Good, and Continue Doing it!

Before turning your full attention to 2017, linger back in 2016 for just a moment more and ask yourself: Did I do anything in 2016 that made me happy? Was I able to be a good friend, sibling, daughter or son?

Note down what you did well in 2016 and what made you happy, and make a mental note to keep at it this year! Even something as simple as going back to the yoga class you enjoyed can make a big impact in how your 2017 will be!

Think good thoughts and you’ll break out of the ‘New Year Slump’ before you know it (:

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