Is it Necessary to Use Toner in Singapore?

Most of us pay a lot of attention and care in picking out the right cleanser for our face. But what about our toners? In Singapore, many of us suffer from either excessively oily skin or skin that has dried out due to lack of hydration. In such cases, having the right cleanser and moisturiser is actually only half of the solution to bringing out the best in your skin! Even though toning is the 2nd step of the skin-cleansing process and allows us to prepare our skin for the application of skincare products, it ends up being neglected by many. Here’s why it’s necessary to use toner in Singapore:

Do you know that toners have multiple direct benefits to your skin? One of the main purposes of using toners is to protect the skin from external impurities and other agents that may contaminate and damage the skin after it has been washed. If you are self-conscious about the size of their facial pores, Dermagold’s line of specially curated toners has been additionally formulated to refresh the skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

One last easily-forgotten benefit of applying a toner after cleansing is that toners also help to balance the pH levels in your skin, creating a better environment for your skin to remain blemish-free and to control natural facial oils.

Can I use any toner from the shelf?

Not at all! Like your favourite and trusty facial cleanser, you have to be just as prudent and confident in your decision when you pick a toner. This is because different toners can have different effects on your skin. That’s why Dermagold has developed and refined three distinct toners for three distinct skin types:

The Delicate Skin Toner is a favourite among those with skin that is prone to reacting to skincare products, such as reddening upon contact. It is gently formulated to cool your skin and is not harsh on the skin at all.

For those who want something stronger that can help tackle a combination of acne-prone and oily skin, this toner is for you. The Purifying Toner will help you to control and reduce oiliness of skin, lightening your appearance when used hand in hand with other treatment products such as Dermagold’s Miracle C or Brightening Revitalizer.

If you are most concerned about ensuring that your skin is sufficiently hydrated, then this toner is for you. It will be able to fortify your skin while ensuring that it retain moisture, alleviating dry skin. Those with normal skin will also find this toner the most suitable!

Remember to stock up on the best toner for your face and see immediate results, as a good toner will complement and enhance any skincare routine! To find out more about these products, you can visit Dermagold’s online store or walk in to Mint Medical Aesthetics today.

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