Mother Nature’s Salve: Why Aloe Vera is Good For The Skin

Aloe vera has always been used as a go-to cooling remedy – whether as a drink to quench your thirst on a hot day, or to treat burns medically. It’s no wonder that Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel is an all-time favourite among many of our discerning customers. Using it allows your face to reap the full benefits of this wonderful plant, after all! Read on to find out more about the glories of aloe vera and our ultra-popular Hydra Recovery Gel!

Aloe vera’s potent effectiveness has been exemplified for centuries as it has been regarded as an ancient herbal skin remedy and, in current day, a popular and well-attested ingredient in the field of cosmetology.


Being Mother Nature’s method of healing wounds, Dermagold has integrated this natural salve into our Hydra Recovery Gel by drawing pressed juice from the inner part of the Aloe Barbadensis leaves, instead of simply using aloe powder.

The result? A bottle of skin-healing and rejuvenating goodness taken from nature’s doorstep! The gel boasts beneficial, post-suncare treatments for your skin such as, soothing the skin after sunburns and refreshing the skin to alleviate redness.

Simply apply it after you have been outdoors to enjoy instant relief. Being an excellent skin calmer, the Hydra Recovery gel accelerates healing and hydrates excellently.


If you would like to try this product out but aren’t an outdoorsy person, do not worry because it benefits your skin in many other ways besides post-suncare. These consist of:

  1. Healing aid (for scalds/burns)
  2. Calming your skin following Aesthetics Procedures (e.g. facials, laser treatments)
  3. Moisture booster (Especially in cold & dry climates or for long distance travel in plane to keep your skin from feeling dry)
  4. Soothing sensitive skin and redness
  5. You can even apply a thick layer on your face once a week as a DIY moisture mask to enhance your skin’s hydration!

Having bagged 2 awards recently (details here) has solidified the Hydra Recovery Gel’s reputation as a multi-faceted product that treats your skin with the utmost care. If you are interested to know more about this product, check it out here!

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