Merry Christmas, Skin!

With the Christmas spirit in the air, how is it not possible to be in the mood for a good party with great food and lots of drinks? It is pretty much unavoidable during this party season. You do however want to look glittered and gold at all these parties. 

With your outfit decked in celebratory colours of green, red, blue and white, you will most probably fit in with the Christmas theme. And to stand out from the sea of people at the party wearing similar colours, your skin has got to be at its tip-top condition. To achieve that, you really need to give good maintenance to your skin and watch what you eat!

First of all, it wouldn’t really be Christmas without a glass of champers or any other alcohol. Alcohols will most likely be served at the party and you are most probably going to drink it anyway. But it’s worth knowing that as the toxins build up, your essential nutrients drop and the alcohol will dehydrate your body. Given that the skin is the largest organ in your body, and also always the last to get any essential nutrients, being pickled for hours will literally suck the life out of your skin making it look dull and blotchy.

Stay hydrated with glasses of water in between alcoholic beverages. This is also to prevent from losing yourself like getting drunk and then embarrassing yourself later on. Or maybe even spilling your darkest secrets to someone you just met at the party!

Keeping your body hydrated does well to your skin. To level up on your skin hydration, you can check out Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel that hydrates and refreshes the skin especially after an entire night of partying. 

Exfoliating is a great way to prep your skin before any occasion. With the accumulation of dead surface cells, your skin can start to look really dull and tired. So supporting the natural exfoliation of your skin can help to brighten and renew your complexion! You can check out this Purifying Scrub by Dermagold that is a rich exfoliating butter that deep cleanses the skin, giving your skin a smooth and brighter appearance.

As mentioned at the start of this post that eating food of all sorts, good and bad, is quite unavoidable during this party season. It is definitely hard to say ‘no’ to a delicious slice of black forest Christmas log cake or the fried and oily finger foods so blatantly displayed right in front of you. You can have them but it’s good to just have a little bit of these unhealthy foods. Look for healthier alternatives lying on the dinner table like salad, brussels sprouts, roasted turkey or even salmon! Depending on the style of cooking, these said “healthier alternatives” however may or may not be THAT healthy but definitely much healthier than the yule logs and oily snacks!

All in all, though it’s Christmas and there are lots of parties to attend, remember to get your beauty sleep as much as possible because you wouldn’t want to turn up looking dull, puffy and haggard at parties! So in between events, make sure to get enough rest, hydrate yourself as much as possible. Most importantly, stick to a proper skincare routine (cleanse, tone and moisturize) to achieve optimal results. 

With that, Dermagold wishes each and every one of our readers and customers a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

Let’s usher in the new year with a skin you dare to bare!

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