Men’s Grooming Guide #3 – 2 Crucial Ways to Handle Oily Skin and Dry Skin

In Singapore’s hot and humid environment, it has become commonplace for men to experience two skin issues: depending on your skin type, you may experience oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both. Regardless of your skin type, here are 2 important but crucial tips that will help our male readers conquer their skin woes and boost their confidence!

Deep cleanse your skin

One reason why men face oily skin is that their pores tend to be bigger than women’s. Pores generally contain oil gland that may secrete excessive oil as a result of the hot weather and as a result of not cleansing our face properly. As such, while it is important to wash your face every day, consider using a scrub to deep cleanse in order to flush the dead cells and dirt out of your pores at least once a week.

Dermagold’s Purifying Scrub has been specially designed for Singapore’s climate and Asian skin, making it an effective solution to men who tend to have oily skin. A simple exfoliation with the scrub will prevent the clogging of pores and reduce the oiliness of your face.

The greatest thing about deep cleansing is that you needn’t do it often, and that cleansing pores can actually help them appear smaller! If you’re interested in how to get more refined pores, check out our 3 steps for men to get refined pores.

Moisturize your skin correctly

What do we mean by moisturizing ‘correctly’? This means that using a random moisturizer or a 2-in-1 cleanser-moisturizer is not the solution if you’re serious about combating dry and oily skin. Instead, you should be meticulous and careful when picking a product such that it suits your skin.

This is why Dermagold Men’s Moisture Booster has been formulated with 100% hyaluronic acid serum, meaning that it is completely dedicated to boosting and retaining moisture. By focusing specifically on moisturising properties, this product will alleviate dry skin in men by ensuring that your face remains hydrated after application.

Lastly, Dermagold Men’s Skin Brightener is also a great product that will hydrate and revitalize men’s skin, regardless of whether it is dry or oily. Containing the nutritious and concentrated Vitamin C Ester, the Skin Brightener excels in regulating oil and sebum production for men, reducing oiliness of skin while at the same time encouraging repair of the skin by stimulating collagen.

By remembering these 2 vital factors and how they can affect and improve your skin’s health, we hope that you can now make mindful and informed decisions for skincare.

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