The Skincare Guide to Dating for Guys – Men’s Grooming Guide #2

Ever mulled over what you can do to ensure your skin is at its best before you go out on a date? In this guide, we’ll share specific methods you can use to keep your skin healthy and ensure you look and feel confident for a night out with your date! We’ve even tailored our advice for guys of all different skin types – just look for which description fits your skin best!


For what type of skin? Guys with acne or sensitive skin that can act up without warning have to pay extra attention to cleansing their skin.

1) Cleanse even if your face looks clean. A clean face does not mean your pores will be less clogged, or that you will not experience acne!

2) Cleanse before bed. Unlike their female counterparts, men may sometimes forgo their nightly skin routine. However, make this a habit! You need to give your face a thorough cleanse because, whether you can see it or not, your skin has been exposed to UV rays, environmental pollutants and free radicals over the long day. If you skip the facial cleanser, your skin can be damaged and weakened by these various agents!

3) Cleansing reduces breakouts. This is because cleansing removes impurities on your face, impurities that could otherwise clog your pores and lead to breakouts. A deep cleaning will get rid of built up bacteria on your face, leaving it clearer and making you more presentable on your date.

Pore Control

For what type of skin? For guys with visibly large pores and/or oily skin.

What are pores? They are tiny channels for our oil glands, hair follicles and sweat ducts. Guys who have larger facial pores tend to have oily and shiny skin. Additionally, Singapore’s humidity can increase the activity of our oil glands, which is why you will find that the visibility and size of facial pores differs from person to person.

Although the size of the pores of our face is genetically predetermined, we can reduce and minimize their appearance through simple care methods to get the appearance we want for our date.

  • Deep cleanse your skin with the right skincare products. This is a vital first step all guys should take to remove dead cells, dried sebum, and dirt trapped in their pores.
  • Use a scrub once or twice a week. A scrub is slightly coarse on your skin, allowing it to help remove debris and dead cells in your pores, keeping them clean and preventing clogging.
  • Hydrate your face. Just because your face is oily, doesn’t mean that you should skip hydrating it! A good product to try is Dermagold Men’s Skin Brightener. This is because it helps to stimulate collagen formation, which supports your skin and alleviates gaping pores. It also contains Vitamin C, which will minimize the appearance of the pores and control oil production!


Moisturize and Use Sunblock

For what type of skin? For guys with dry skin.

  • Use products with moisturizing properties. Be sure to pick those that can give your face the proper hydration it needs, as cleansers tend to leave your face dry. Though the thought of buying a moisturizer seems redundant, moisturizers can actually be quite handy and efficient to use. For example, Dermagold Men’s Pore Refiner not only moisturizes, but is multi-tasks as an oil control serum for your face!
  • Apply sunblock every 3 hours over the course of the day. Prevention is better than cure. Sunblock is one of the easiest and most significant ways you can protect your skin from drying out and taking external damage from harsh sunlight. Not convinced? Check out our article about why guys need to start wearing sunblock in Singapore.

Make these simple skincare habits a part of a 5 – 10 minute daily routine, and impress your date with a suave first impression. However, don’t forget the most important things: be yourself and show genuine interest in your company. Here are some extra tips from us:

  • Turn your phone into silent mode and enjoy your time on your date.
  • Give them your full attention and they will return the respectful gesture.
  • Take the initiative to get the ball rolling, but and don’t spend the whole date just talking about yourself! Get to know your date better too (:
  • Even if you may not have chemistry with them, you’d have made a friend at the end of the night!

If this guide was helped you better understand your skin, don’t forget to check our earlier male grooming guide about the 7 things guys tend to do wrong to their skin, and we’ll see you in the next male grooming guide by Reinvention Journey.

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