This Year, Have Some Local Mooncakes For a Good Cause

With the Mooncake festival around the corner, you may find yourself spoilt for choice with so many delicious and creative flavours of mooncakes up for grabs, as well as the familiar traditional favourites. If you haven’t placed any orders yet, then we’d like to take this chance to introduce to you a special group of people who are also making mooncakes this year: the crew from Dignity Kitchen.

Dignity Kitchen is a hawker-training school founded three years ago. It is also the first of such schools whose students (of all ages) are challenged or differently-abled. Consisting of the elderly and others who may find it difficult to integrate into society, the school helps to equip its students them with skills that allow them to join the workforce, and also runs a foodcourt that is open for the public.

Apart from imparting important skills to this less-advantaged group of people, Dignity Kitchen also provides a platform that encourages students to interact with their team of talented individuals. In this way, students from the larger community can gain a better understanding for those who are differently-abled. They run multiple social outreach programmes, which you can read more about on their website here.

This year, you can show your support for Dignity Kitchen by trying out the selection of mooncakes they are currently offering, which are available for order on their website up till the 12th September!

In the midst of the excitement and anticipation for the joyous Mooncake festival, we hope that we can all also keep a lookout on how we can align ourselves with charitable causes, even as we go about our daily lives. That would make the mooncake that much sweeter.

*This post was not sponsored – we just love finding out about good causes and spreading the message to our readers! If you know of more good causes that need a shout-out, do feel free to contact the Dermagold team at!

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