Know How and When To Apply Sunblock – The Easy Way

If you’ve read our article on why it’s a must to wear sunblock in Singapore (check it out here), but find it inconvenient to incorporate it into your day, or are not sure when to apply sunblock, here are some simple practices to ensure that you give your skin the protection that it needs.

1. Apply it right at the end of your skincare routine

You don’t have to apply your sunblock just before you go out. Instead of seeing sunblock as an additional part of your usual routine, you should see it as an essential part of your daily beauty ritual instead. Group it together with the skincare products you are already using and simply apply some sunblock on after you’re done moisturizing your face in the morning – before it can slip your mind.

2. Bring some with you wherever you go

Not all sunblock comes in big, clunky bottles! Keep a small tube of sunblock in your bag with you wherever you go so you can have it ready whenever you’re going to spend a while under the sun. In fact, applying sunblock simply once a day won’t be able to give you sufficient sun protection. It is recommended to apply sunblock once every 3 hours to ensure that your skin is fortified from harmful UV rays.

3. Choose a product you like to use

The simplest way to ensure you put on sunblock is to use a product that you are drawn to and one that you believe in. This may be hard to come by in Singapore, where sunblocks are frequently thick and may result in clogged pores in our hot and humid climate.

This is why Dermagold’s sunblocks are all light-textured! This is to meet the needs of Singaporeans who want a fuss-free and effective sunblock that can get them through the day with ease. This is because these line of sunblocks are packed with active ingredients to protect your skin while at the same time remain lightweight to ensure a quick and hassle-free absorption by the skin. Check out Dermagold’s variety of sunblocks and find the one that suits your skin and lifestyle best.

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