Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Pop Pimples With Your Hands…

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We’ve all been there – discovering an errant pimple on our face and acting on the urge to pop it ourselves rather than wait it out. This can happen without us even noticing and is usually blamed on ‘itchy fingers’. However, letting this become a habit could do more harm than good for your complexion. Here’s why you shouldn’t pop pimples with your hands:

  • A popped pimple can leave behind a blemish

If you’re observant, you’ll notice that popping a pimple doesn’t make it completely disappear from your face. Instead, you’ll be left with a mark or blemish which will take longer to heal without the proper care. These blemishes remain visible on your skin and are also harder to remove using normal skincare products.


  • It can also cause scarring on your face

Blemishes are not the only things that pimples can leave behind when you pop them yourself. Serious and longer-lasting side effects can occur when you choose to remove your pimples yourself – without proper treatment, this forceful removal of the pimple can leave behind a scar or spot on your face that will not be able to heal naturally. You’ll need to use laser treatments in order to properly remove scars!


  • You may develop scabs on your face

After popping pimples, the open wound left behind by the pimple can develop into a scab. A scab is even more noticeable than a pimple as it is usually dark-coloured and harder to conceal with make-up. A scab on your face can also provoke another round of ‘itchy fingers’, leading to a longer recovery period than if you had just left the pimple alone!

  • You’re leaving yourself wide open to skin infections

Popping pimples with your hands can have negative impact on your skin, especially if your hands happen to be dirty. Touching your face with unwashed hands is one of the most common reasons why pimples and breakouts occur – think about what would happen if you pop a pimple! Your skin will become exposed to harmful bacteria and dirt, leading to a breakout that could have easily been prevented, as well as long-lasting scars and blemishes as we’ve mentioned above.


  • It hurts!

We all know that it’s not pleasant to pop your own pimples – it can hurt, and even after the pimple is gone, you’ll feel a slight stinging sensation on where it was. It’s always much wiser to wait for the pimple to heal on its own and help your skin recover by keeping it clear and free from infections.

So, the next time you see a pimple, remind yourself not to pop it. Instead, make sure to follow your skincare regime and think back to what you’ve done in the past day or two that could have resulted in the pimple forming – it could be diet, environment, stress factors or a combination of them. Take note of this so that you can avoid such breakouts in the future!

Most importantly, remind yourself that you should leave pimple-popping to the professionals – visit your skin care professional for a relaxing facial to clear your pimples in a safe and effective way!

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