From Working Mother to Stay At Home Mum – How I Reinvented My Mindset [Contributed]

I heard and read so much that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important as the “foundation years” in shaping the child’s development. I have been a working mum since I welcomed my first child in 2007 and I have had my fair share of anguish and “mummy guilt” as some full-time working mums can testify.

I cried on my first day back to work after my three months of maternity leave. I used to rush through my lunch with my colleagues just so that I could spend the next 20 minutes pumping breast milk for my son (who was on exclusive breast milk for 7.5 months). Putting grudges and complaints aside, I enjoyed being a full time working mum and since 2013, I have been grateful for the opportunity to be a Work-At-Home-Mum (WAHM) and below is my little sharing on this Reinvention journey …

 Flexibility became my best friend

I used to be highly organized and very sticky about scheduling plans and making sure scheduled plans happened. Being a WAHM now allows me the freedom in making impromptu plans. One evening, my son and I felt like cycling and off we went to East Coast Park to bask in the glorious weather. We ended up cycling for an hour into the wind, with not a care of this world. Aidan increased his speed, and I followed suit behind him. And amidst that momentarily “rush cycling”, we concluded that wow, that feeling must have been the closest to FLYING.

stay at home mum1

Do Not Sweat Over the Small Stuff

Our house became more messy when we organized play dates, yes. We once had 6 boys over at our place and to my absolute horror, 2 boys decided to get themselves wet by running through the splashing fountain downstairs. 1 boy decided NOT to shower and change and happily lounged on the couch. However, seeing the happy and giggling faces on all the boys’ faces made my day and I have learnt not to sweat over the small stuff, which doesn’t really matter.

Seeing Beauty in Intangible Things

Previously as a full time working mom, I used to reward myself with tangible luxury items – I celebrated a new swanky job with a Bvlgari B.Zero1 ring, a salary increment with a new Chanel 2.55 bag and so on. But as I got to spend more time at home with my son, I saw more beauty in the stuff that he created using his hands, the ideas that originated from his little 7-year-old brain factory. It could be a paper gun which could actually shoot quite some distance with a rubber band bullet today, and a highly customizable paper laptop with 190% perpetual battery lifespan the next week! The appreciation of the intangibles is a newfound beauty to me.

stay at home mum 2

In conclusion, this Reinvention journey has unwittingly unraveled many valuable treasures, which I have no doubt will serve as powerful lessons in life. Some people take month-long sabbaticals to discover, some do it to get out of the mundane cycle of life. What’s your Reinvention story?

If you would like to share your experiences with Reinvention Journey, we are always open to contributions! Find out more here (:


Contributing Writer (Agnes Siau)

Agnes SiauA proud mother of one. A dreamer till this age.

I started to cook only at the age of 35, simply because my curiosity in cooking was not piqued till my later stage in life.

My accompanying life motto has been Sun Tzu’s “Minimum Effort, Maximum Result”.

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