Essential Skincare Tips for Backpacking

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or are on a well-deserved break, the summer holidays are perfect for taking a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia or other parts of the world. That being said, backpacking needs to be strategically planned. While you can easily find numerous tips concerning backpacking online, have you wondered how to maintain great skin while travelling with minimal bag space in almost-always sweaty condition? This week, we will offer 3 solutions that will be sure to reduce breakouts and protect your skin while you’re having fun backpacking to unexplored places!

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration may be the last thing on our minds when we’re busy fulfilling jam-packed itineraries and having fun discovering newfound destinations – but, it is still ultimately the best thing you can do for your body and skin. Sufficient water intake influences your skin’s appearance, boosting its condition and is practically the first step towards reducing the likelihood of skin drying out. This is especially the case in colder climates, where lower temperatures will show on your face in the form of dry or cracked skin. Be sure to keep a filled water bottle with you at all times and take ample water breaks in between your adventures!

Don’t Skimp on Sunblock

Excessive exposure to sunlight can make irritate your skin and cause reddening of the face, even if you may not have sensitive skin. Exposure can also promote oil and sebum production on your face, making it oily and leading to unwanted breakouts. One simple way to prevent this is to apply sun protection on your skin before you head out for the day. Do note that sunblock wears off after every 2-3 hours, so it will be necessary to reapply sunblock throughout the day while travelling in order to shield your skin from damaging UV rays. To know more about why you should always make an effort to wear sun block, do check out our detailed explanation in this post!

Use Skincare On The Go

Arguably the most efficient way to keep up your skincare routine while backpacking would be to bring your skincare products along with you. Of course, this is not always possible for a number of reasons: Products may be too large to bring along, may easily spill and ruin a number of squeezed-up items of your bag pack and it is tedious to transfer skincare solutions from a large bottle into the tiny, travel-friendly bottles you can find at Daiso.

This is why Dermagold’s line of skincare was been conceptualised with travel in mind – not only are our products compact and light, but they are also designed in suitable sizes for travel. This abates any worries or difficulties you may have with bringing your products with you, and lets you stay in control of your skin. In addition, the Dermagold systems are modular and can be adapted for travel in different climates! You can buy Dermagold skincare here.

We hope that you will keep these tips on mind as you plan for your next backpack adventure. Just remember that your confidence and skin health shouldn’t need to take a backseat just because you’re away from home!

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