Don’t Underestimate The Impact of Giving

The impact of giving in society has never lost its value. Whether it is about sharing resources and knowledge or giving each other a helping hand, Singapore has thrived on the community spirit of its people to reach where it is today. While we may have become comfortable with the status quo in our stable society today – so much so that we have come to belittle the impact we, as everyday people, can have on others – we should not let this hinder us from exploring what we can do to help the less privileged in our society.

For every person we help with a thoughtful gesture, we are making a difference. It is time for us to recognise the impact we can have by giving, and the first step to do so is to start making giving a habit in our lives. Importantly, when we talk about giving, we don’t just mean donating money. Here are some simple suggestions on the where, what (and who) we can ‘give’ to in Singapore.

Give instead of Disposing

There comes in time in all our lives when we take a good look around our house, only to realise how cluttered it is, and how we should probably get around to clearing up the things that have accumulated since the last spring cleaning. One of the easiest ways to get rid of large bulky items if you stay in a HDB flat would be to ring up your town council and request for their disposal services. However, a key point to remember is that these services do not guarantee that the items being disposed of will be passed on to someone who needs them.

As such, before we throw things away, we should ask ourselves: Will this item be of use to anyone? Can I give this away, rather than throw it away?

If the answer is yes, then take the time to check for any alternative places (such as a nearby Salvation Army) you can approach to give your pre-loved possessions. Make this a bi-monthly or bi-annual habit, depending on how often you find yourself clearing your place.

Give Purposefully

One common hurdle we face when we want to ‘give’ something in Singapore is that we don’t know who or where we can give our things to. Thankfully, there’s Pass It On SG, a meaningful online platform where those in need of certain items can post up their ‘wish lists’. If you are looking to give away something like an old bed frame, clothes, or even food, you should scan this site to see if you can directly donate and fulfil someone else’s wish list.

In the same vein, you can also list the item you have that you would like to donate on this platform for others to see. This way, you can be sure that the sofa you’re giving away will definitely be put to good use! We find that Pass It On highlights the extent and impact of donating and sharing resources very clearly as most of the time, you’ll find families who are looking for a sofa or even something simple like a table to help them get by in their daily lives. The act of giving can change lives just with the click of the button!

Give Some Time

We would also like to spotlight which is a great hub that will connect you to non-profit organisations you can donate to, as well as to available volunteering opportunities. On this website, you can search for volunteering work near your neighbourhood, by the cause, as well as by skills needed. If you have a clear idea of how to give back to the community, and who you want to give back to, will link you up with the relevant parties.

It is not just about waiting for the time to give away old items you no longer need (though that is certainly a good place to start). If you have the time to spare, there is no need to wait to do your part and contribute to society. You can start giving today through voluntary work. Ever wanted to do something for a cause you believe in? is also a platform where you can organise a fundraising campaign

Do note that this post was not sponsored in any way. We just hope that we as a community can move towards supporting each other by sharing and pooling resources together. If you know any other meaningful initiatives, do drop us an email at (:

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