Reinvention Journey wants to be driven and grounded by members of our community as we believe that the most important content comes from those whose ideals align with ours.

We are always keen to welcome any contributors in the area of writing, photography & art. If you are passionate about capturing the meaning behind daring to bare, and are eager to add on to a narrative about reinvention in any shape or size, this  is a platform for you to make your mark! Whether it may be through talent or words, we are eager to connect with those who share our vision.

We believe everyone has the potential to inspire others through actions both big and small. You don’t need to be a celebrity or well-known influencer to inspire. Just be you! Never underestimate what you can do! (:

Write in to us if you would like to share with us and our community a personal story or experience of reinvention! If you have something inspirational to share, or want to start somewhere but don’t know how, just connect with us at

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