7 Ways to Combine Skincare and Exercise

Is sensitive skin one of the reasons why you avoid exercising? Keeping your body and skin healthy is not just about eating what’s right but also ensuring that you set aside time to exercise regularly! A healthy diet and active lifestyle go hand in hand in ensuring that our bodies are in tip-top condition. For those prone to breakouts, fear not because today we’ve got 7 tips on how to care for your skin while keeping to an active lifestyle!

  1. Remove any make-up and cleanse your face before the workout
    It’s important not to leave anything that can trap dirt on your face. Cleansing your face will also give you a refreshing boost for your workout!
  2. Running outdoors? Don’t forget your sunblock!
    Knowing how hot Singapore can get, those with sensitive skin may find their skin reddening after a run around the neighbourhood. Protect your skin from sun damage by always applying a layer of water-resistant sunblock before you put on your favourite running shoes!
  3. Have a clean towel ready
    The last thing you want to do when you’re sweaty is to use your hands to wipe your face! Instead, always have a clean towel ready to wipe off your sweat. Breakouts and the like will be reduced if you practice simple habits like this!
  4. Cleanse your face after your workout too
    Never neglect cleansing the grime and sweat off your face – you will have clear skin to show for your diligence. If you think cleansing more than twice a day will be too harsh for your skin, why not consider purchasing a pre and post-workout cleanser that is lighter and geared for sensitive skin?
  5. If your face feels oily after the workout…
    Cleanse your face and follow up with an ultra-lightweight multitasking moisturizer that reduces oil production and restores balance to your skin. We recommend Dermagold’s Hydra Recovery Gel (read about it here!) for those with red and dry skin, and our award-winning Miracle C+ serum (details here!) for those who want a lightweight, effective and vitamin-rich skin food after exercising!
  6. Alternatively, workout in a less humid environment.
    Examples include an air-conditioned gym or in your house. Of course, for those who love the feel of natural air, there’s nothing wrong with venturing outside. Just be sure to follow suggestion #5 if you face any skin troubles!
  7. Hydrate yourself!
    This is not only important to keep your body hydrated, but water is a natural agent that can help cleanse and detox body systems, keeping your skin radiant and healthy. As you may know, a healthy daily water intake would be 7 – 8 glasses of water. Try your best to stick to that quota while avoiding fizzy and caffeinated drinks, and you will see the results shine from your skin!

We hope that these skincare tips have encouraged you to continue or pursue an active lifestyle! Never use sensitive skin as a reason for dialling down exercise or physical activities in your life. There are many fun ways to exercise, and you can refer to the ActiveSG website for suggestions. If you’re more of an app person, why not give @passport.asia a look on Instagram? They offer 40,000 fitness classes, so grab your family and friends and start getting active today (:

Be sure to complement exercise with a healthy diet. You can check out our post on skin-friendly food in food courts to get a headstart!

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