Battle Scars From Acne

Acne and emotions are correlated. When you have acne, it is likely that you have gone through a certain emotional period. It has also been proven that overwhelming emotional stress causes acne. People who suffer from acne engenders emotional issues on their mental health as well.

During the teenage years, countless young people often fall victim to the beauty-killer called “Acne”. As we grow up and enter the adult phase, for some, the acne stays, and the rest, their skin condition alleviates naturally from the balance of their hormones.

Some of us haven’t got so lucky as to have a flawless porcelain skin to wow people with. Some of us have to live with the “battle scars” left behind from years of acne. While it may seem on the surface that most adults with post-acne scarring tend not to bother with the scarred appearance, there is, however, a wound on their emotion that hasn’t been healed. Left there for long and they’re forgotten. Nevertheless, a trigger may be pulled and wound them once more at a certain point in their life again.

This article is not written to give any psychological advice on how to tackle the emotional wounds. Instead, we hope that readers with the sores that lies deep within will find solace in the fact that they are, chiefly, not alone and also possible to find closure to this deep-seated issue that has been left hanging for years.

Many a time, the quality of life is compromised when one has to face all the insecurities from the scarring caused by acne. There is a kind of “to-do-list” at different stages in your life – going to school, dating, working, so on and so forth. More often than not, acne scarring is the obstruction that brings more trouble than good. It is like the mark of embarrassment and one is ashamed to share with others or to seek help.

Do you remember how you were mocked and teased for being called a pock-marked face with all the pimples and unsightly blemishes all over your face? Even if you were never in that kind of situation before, you probably felt insecure and less of yourself each time you head out to dine, shop or hangout with your friends. You end up putting up thick cosmetics to cover up the marks on your face just so that you could feel slightly better about yourself. Alas, your condition becomes even more aggravated than ever from the makeup that you use.

For working adults, some industries require well-groomed individuals. One example is the airline industry where flight attendants would have to be immaculately ‘clean’. Having a flawless skin, a good height and a proper built are the prerequisites to getting the job. And such stringent requirements are disadvantageous for those with skin less than perfect.

Nevertheless, what we should know is that it is not the end of us if we do not live up to the social expectations yet whatever we do must be for the betterment of ourselves. If you feel that acne-scarring has ruined you for the past few or many years of your life, making you feel like you’re never good enough for anybody, less confident, insecure, weak and vulnerable, we strongly encourage you to look into getting professional help and not suffer in silence anymore. As time goes by, you will be delighted to discover that you will begin to look and feel an increased and renewed confidence about yourself!

With advancements in technology, medical help and advice around, solutions to the physical and psychological are everywhere.

You see, looking pleasantly beautiful seems like a mandatory ideal for most. Indeed. Not that I am encouraging any sloppy grooming habits, but however cliché this may sound, it is your inner beauty that matters most. With inner beauty comes outward beauty because you will take good care of your appearances as well.

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