5 Crucial Anti-aging Skincare Tips for Men

This week, we have 5 skincare tips for guys who would like to know how to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Curious to know more? Read on below:

  1. Reduce harmful sun exposure

Arguably the biggest factor that guys tend to forget is that excessive sun exposure can damage your skin. This is especially the case in Singapore, which is sunny all year round. While most of us have gotten used to the sweltering temperatures, our bare skin still neds to be properly protected from sun damage. The sun’s UV rays can influence your skin’s health – even as little as ten minutes of exposure to sunlight may cause photoaging effects on your skin over a long period of time, leading to wrinkles and pigmentation setting in as guys age.

To retain great skin alongside a healthy lifestyle, we recommend that outdoor exercise such as jogging should be done in the early mornings/evening. Of course, the best way to prevent damage to aging skin is to remember to apply sufficient sunblock at the start of the day.

  1. Apply sunblock daily

We have raved on about the reasons why men (and women) should wear sunblock here and here, and one of its indirect benefits is that it may reduce premature aging. This is because sunblock ensures that the skin sustains less UV damage and keeps it healthier as a result.

For guys who need to spend long hours under the sun, this is something you should definitely consider doing in order to ensure that your skin does not age prematurely. While some may not like the smell or sensation of sunblock, Dermagold has developed a range of sunblocks that are catered specially for men’s skin: the Nude Sunblock SPF30+ which provides coverage and the Sports Sunblock SPF30+ which is water-resistant and highly useful for sporting activities. Both types of sunblock are lightweight and apply easily on the skin, making them suitable for any man’s lifestyle.

  1. Moisturize

One thing not all guys think to include in their skincare routine is a moisturizer – a moisturizer is essential if you have dry skin, or if your skin is noticeably red and damaged after a day’s work. A good moisturizer like the Dermagold Men Moisture Booster is a lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser can refresh your skin, improve its health and brighten its appearance. Alternatively, you can use Dermagold’s award winner for post suncare: the Hydra Recovery Gel. Read more about it here. This reputable award-winning gel not only hydrates the skin, but also treats skin damage by calming and cooling areas which have been irritated from outdoor activities.

We know that many men frequently do not use moisturisers but remember that caring for your skin by adding just one extra step in your routine can go that extra mile to control the effects that aging has on your skin. Furthermore, the cooling sensation of the Hydra Recovery Gel will be sure to help you relax and relieve tension before a good night’s sleep.

  1. Rejuvenate

Building off of the previous point, if you are worried about skin-aging, you should consider a simple but effective skincare product that will strengthen and rejuvenate your skin.

For younger men between ages of 18-39, you can consider Dermagold’s Skin Brightener for men, which contains Vit C Ester and hyaluronic acid. Vit C Ester is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effects on the skin. It retards and reverses effect of photoaging and results in brighter, clearer and cleaner looking skin! For men above 40, another product to consider adding on to your skincare routine is Dermagold’s Anti-Age Serum. The Anti-Age Serum which has been crafted specifically for men in hot and humid Southeast Asian climate. Light textured made of high performance peptides and anti-oxidants for optimal anti-age and anti-wrinkle effects, our meticulously formulated serum is meant to fortify men’s skin. Imbued with Vitamin C and E, this skin-nutrient does not also help with anti-aging, but also in introducing healthy nutrients that will ensure that your face is clearer and brighter.

  1. Scrub your skin once a week

A frequently neglected step in skincare is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is a way to deep cleanse your skin, making it effective in clearing dirt more pores and retaining younger, healthier skin. Dermagold’s award-winning Purifying Scrub is suited for this task as it has been developed to dissolve blackheads and polish your skin with its imbued healthy salts and Vitamin C. Read more about the scrub here. Keeping your skin clear by scrubbing weekly can have huge effects on how its ages.

In essence, we encourage you to look after and care for your skin through these crucial and simple methods. These essential anti-aging tips also show that you need not rely only on invasive technologies to keep your skin youthful, but that you can achieve healthy skin by doing a little bit every day.

Pair these tips with a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your skin in good health as you age!

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