5 Upcoming Events in Singapore January 2016

Dermagold wishes you a Happy New Year! The new year festivities don’t necessarily end once you’re back sitting in your office or your desk in school. You can continue to spend worthwhile time with your family at these events happening in Singapore this month! The annual Singapore Art Week is running from the 16th – 24th of January so it’s no wonder the month is lined with a colourful palette of activities:

  1. Speakeasy [13 Jan]

For those who enjoy hearing and indulging in the craft of local and overseas poets, “speakeasy” by Pooja Nansi & Artistry may just be the event that will make your month extra special. What we like about the event is that it is relatively small (less than 200 attendees so far) gathering of talents curated by Nansi. This will appeal to those who don’t like big events and those who would like to attend something casual but special all the same. Admission is also free, so if you’re interested, definitely consider this!

  1. Sign Painters (Film) [14 Jan]

Are you someone who likes to watch non-mainstream films? The National Design Center will be holding a free screening of this documentary about hand-painted signs in the US this month. Mark this on your scheduler if you would like to know more about the lives and experiences of these talented workers from the other side of the globe. Do note that the film has an NC-16 rating.

  1. Aliwal Urban Art Festival [16 Jan]

The festival can only be described as spunky, lively, and vivid based on the lineup of musical performances and exhibitions it currently boasts. The showcase at this event will embody the highlights of international street culture (think skateboarding, graphic art and graffiti) and also include performances by local artists, DJs and rappers. In fact, there’s even an exclusive music production workshop that is open to all participants regardless of experience.

  1. Art Apart Fair [22-24 Jan]

Even though this event is ticketed, art enthusiasts certainly won’t mind. This is because this successful contemporary art fair contains the talents of over 100 artists from around the world (Japan, Korea, Iceland, to name a few). In fact, there will be over 1,000 artworks up on display for the event! Those looking for inspiration will definitely get their fill here. If you can’t get the tickets online, you can always purchase them in person at the event itself.

  1. The Local People X Singapore Art Museum Art Week Market [24 Jan]

If you drop by the Singapore Art Museum of the last day of the Singapore Art Week, you will be greeted by a diverse range of foods, drinks, art and knickknacks that will surely win your heart. The SAM is working together with The Local People to bring to visitors a big and busy market that will offer everything from music to delectable bakes and retail items by local businesses.

  1. Lastly, if you haven’t been to the National Gallery, perhaps this month-long celebration of the Arts will be a good time for a pleasant and eye-opening family outing to one of Singapore’s newest galleries! As of the time of this post, free admission is offered to both Singaporeans and PRs.

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