5 Upcoming Events for You and Family! (October 2015)

It feels like National Day was just a few weeks ago, but time seems to have a way of catching us by surprise. October is no doubt the crunch period for many of us, and we’re all looking forward to the end of the year holidays coming up in just two months – but don’t forget to set aside quality time with family even in your busiest periods! Here are some fun and free places to go with family in October:

  1. Innovati50n Exhibition
    [3 – 11 Oct] Visit this fascinating exhibition of 50 of Singapore’s innovations if you want to see the accomplishments and impacts of our talented minds! This eye-opening event happening at Century Square (3-4 Oct) and Plaza Singapura (10-11 Oct) will be sure to inspire you and your family to think out of the box and innovate solutions and ideas in your daily lives.
  1. TLP x Noise Singapore Art Market
    [30-31 Oct] Drop by this local market at the end of the month to treat yourself to unique and homegrown products – from jewellery and pottery to food and drinks, you don’t need to spend a cent to appreciate and broaden your view of the local entreprenueral scene. The creative vendors you’ll find at the market are all local businesses! Good on thelocalpeoplesg for supporting the local scene. You can find out more about the market on Facebook or Instagram (@thelocalpeoplesg)
  1. Street Light-Up at Chinatown
    [13 Sep – 12 Oct] If you’ve missed out on the awesome Mid-Autumn festivities in Chinatown in September, there’s still one event going on till Mid-Oct! Chinatown will continue to shine and captivate with an array of flower lanterns that stretch from New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street, and South Bridge Road, to the inner streets of Chinatown. If you’re nearby, be sure to check out the display!
  1. Exhibitions at the National Museum
    If you don’t already know, admission to the National Museum is free for both Singaporeans and PRs! Capitalize on this benefit by enjoying the wide variety of exhibits the museum currently has going on for the month of October. From ‘Growing Up’ (an exhibition about what Singapore was like for a child in the 1950s-60s) to ‘Surviving Syonan’ (about how everyday Singaporeans lived their lives during the Japanese Occuptation) these historical treatises will no doubt be a learning experience for the young and young at heart.
  1. Octoburst!
    Last but not least, for those with children or younger siblings, a great way to spend some quality time together would be to participate in the many kid-focused events the Esplanade is running throughout October. For the Chinese, encourage your kids to speak bilingually by attending the Let’s Talk events! There are also anklung performances, dances, for everyone to enjoy regardless of race. Spend a pleasant afternoon here with your youngster and learn along with them!

That’s all we have for this month! Make sure not to let the stress get to you and continue to lead a healthy life by not only eating well, but also giving and building quality connections with your loved ones (:

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