3 Vibrant Cultural Festivals to Visit This May

This month we’re excited to see that there will be a number of events celebrating rich cultural heritage and offering up ways for us to engage with another culture on our very own doorstep. Whether you’re interested in getting your hands on authentic Japanese food or experiencing Thai culture, these events will surely boost your cultural knowledge and exposure!

  1. Singapore Thai Festival 2016 (May 5 – 8)

First up is the Thai Festival 2016 happening over the first weekend of the month. Get up close to key elements of Thai culture such as the food, fashion and cultural sports (there will even be a Muay Thai demonstration, for those who are interested in learning more/picking up this unique sport!). The location of this open festival is at the Thai embassy, at the central part of town near Orchard MRT. Do drop by for a date with traditional Thailand.

  1. Super Japan Matsuri (20 – 22 May)

Whether you are a lover of Japan or someone who enjoys sushi now and again, the Super Japan Matsuri is a free event that should not be missed! Immerse yourself in what would be a traditional festival ground found in Japan as uniquely Japanese matsuri games will be available to play and fresh festival food will be served at this event. This cultural festival is but one of the many events organised by Esplanade for May theme of Super Japan. Whether you are interested in Japanese theatre, drums or craft workshops, you will definitely find something both adults and children will be eager to do over here. Click here for more details on Super Japan

  1. Keong Saik Carnival (28 May)

In all this buzz of cultural events, we should not forget of Singapore’s own rich cultural history. Visit the annual Keong Saik carnival, named aptly after the street it will be located on for the day. The carnival focuses on meshing the richness of both Singapore’s past and present – look out for traditional Chinese instruments making music with modern DJs, vinyl records on sale, live art installations and more. According to their Facebook page, the event aims to bring together both the old and the new, and we’re looking forward to how that plays out.

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